Max Siegel

Y tu mamá también

The 2000s-era Mexico captured here feels so alive. I love how every moment has something going on in the background and foreground. The three horny main characters are messy and complicated and beautiful — just like their country.
I love Children of Men, too, but I find myself returning to this …

Black and White IMAX Film Stock

Cool, nerdy film fact about “Oppenheimer” 🤓 From AP News: “Nolan’s desire for the black and white portions to be of equal image quality to the rest of the film led to the development of the first ever black and white IMAX film stock, which Kodak made and Fotokem developed." In recent decades, …

“They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, that they didn’t stop to think if they should.”


The entertainment industry is only possible because of the necessary tension between art and commerce. No movie I’ve seen explores that intersection better than “Barbie.” I loved it. Tangentially, this would make for a great double feature with “Josie and the Pussy …

The Truman Show

In hindsight, the sailing scene was perfect training for Peter Weir’s next film — and one of my personal favorites — Master and Commander. I appreciate how the movie doesn’t overstay its welcome and ends at precisely the right moment.


Very charming and sweet! It’s better than I remember, and has actually aged better than Mean Girls, which came out a decade later.

'You may need to scroll down'

On the one hand, I’m glad this Apple support doc has clear instructions, similar to what I would tell customers in my tech support days. On the other hand, it’s pretty damning of macOS Ventura’s System Settings, having to use the parenthetical “You may need to scroll …

Every day is Pride Day 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️


That Scorsese fella sure makes filmmaking look easy. This movie flies right by, despite all the murder and mayhem. And as a cinematography major, the camerawork here is just chef’s kiss Side note: I was pleasantly surprised to see Isiah Whitlock Jr. in a brief scene as a doctor. You know, the …

Why is no one talking about Google Meet’s filters, these are amazing lol