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Every day is Pride Day 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️


That Scorsese fella sure makes filmmaking look easy. This movie flies right by, despite all the murder and mayhem. And as a cinematography major, the camerawork here is just chef’s kiss Side note: I was pleasantly surprised to see Isiah Whitlock Jr. in a brief scene as a doctor. You know, the …

Why is no one talking about Google Meet’s filters, these are amazing lol

The Fabelmans

I had the exact same experience as the boy in this movie. It’s 1995. I’m six years old, and my parents are driving us by all the homes in the neighborhood with Christmas lights on them. I asked my parents why we didn’t put lights on our house. They said it’s because we’re Jewish. To which I replied: …

Auburn chonk 🐈‍⬛

John Wick: Chapter 4

How kids-in-mind-dot-com gave this movie only a 9/10 for violence is beyond me — it’s certainly a 10/10 in that regard. The Raid 2 and Mission: Impossible – Fallout are still my favorite action movies, because they’re better written, but this may be my favorite John Wick installment. The sequence in …

Check the Amenities Before Booking an Airbnb

Last week, I booked an Airbnb, but failed to note one key detail: A portable heater. The week of February 19 happened to be one of the coolest and rainiest in recent history, and the otherwise nice listing I’d booked for two nights had an underpowered portable heater for a guest house with a …

You Only Live Twice

In many ways, this is peak Bond: Ken Adam’s iconic sets, Blofeld with the white cat, and the score. And I appreciate that the hollowed out volcano inspired the hosts of one of my favorite podcasts, Bionic. But the pacing feels slow compared, particularly whenever spaceship models are on-screen …

I believe I’ve found a place to host an apocalyptic tea party 🫖

Disneyland: 'It's a lot smaller than I remember'

A silly assemblage of Disneyland footage featuring my dad and brother, when it opened early for hotel guests.