Max Siegel

A candid moment, captured while setting up a Shopify LA event in July 2019.

This segment of Roderick on the Line is relatable for folks who love cats. Spoiler alert, but this awful cat that John talks about, finds his human in the end 💖 Timestamp in Overcast

Nothing beats cuddle time with my roommate 🐱

“Inglorious Basterds” is still entertaining 14 years after its release. The plot is revenge fantasy that lapses into revenge porn, so there isn’t much tension in the last act… I’m conflicted. Also, why is Christoph Waltz only good in Tarantino movies?

Stewie is the hero we deserve, but not the one we need… or something. 🦇

Rewatching 'Looper'

The plot is entertaining, but Pierce Gagnon’s gem of a performance makes that final act shine. (Rewatched at the Bay Theater with Other Max.)

Rewatching 'Blade Runner' for the First Time Since 2007

I was afraid “Blade Runner” wouldn’t hold up on rewatch, but it mostly does! The cinematography, visual effects, and production design are stunning. The protagonist sexually assaulting someone so they fall in love with him… not so much. I actually prefer the sequel, “Blade Runner 2049,” because its …

Stewie post-breakfast.

This fella sprawled across my desk and lightly bit my hand when I tried to type. What an angel 😻

My Work From Home Setup

In March 2020, Shopify’s leadership temporarily closed Shopify LA, where I was working, because of the impending pandemic. Shortly afterward, the entire company pivoted from being office-centric with just a few remote employees, to a fully remote company. They called it “Digital by Default,” or …